In search of a new identity for the abandoned island of Poveglia, which concept best suits to the creation of a university? Our project thinks outside the box by its approach and ambitions; it is an originally poetic university that we call the Timeless University. Being a geriatric hospital in the past, then a deserted island today, Poveglia becomes a reference for the future. The old buildings that we propose to renovate we associate a biological structure dominated by a lighthouse that will guide both the sailors and tourists. This desire to fuse past, present and future will allow a technological and economic boom for the island and attract the world and promote the survival of this intelligent island. First, we propose that the old buildings are renovated and used for administration and some student space. Then, on an approximate area of 23,500 square meters will be constructed new buildings for teaching areas, a panoramic restaurant and an auditorium.

Project info

Site : 

Status: Project competition

Location: Poveglia – ITALY 

Year:  2015

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