Ghana Farm 2.0

Ghana Farm 2.0

01. Introduction

How can we design a Farm that shows beauty in simplicity and expresses a certain sense of functionality? Moreover, how can we produce an evolutionary farm that is pioneering in Ghana? Our project Farm 2.0 aims to propose a possible solution according to Ghana’s concept and aesthetic design. We are creating a closed system that is eco-efficient.
Our design is inspired by the symbolic shape of the Ashanti people; a pattern based on a combination of square and triangle, otherwise of solidity and porosity.
Our project is a self-sufficient farm in terms of food and energy. The high potential of the site imposes a project on us in the future and to do this, we propose in addition a methanation unit, fish and animal farming as well as a possibility of project extension.

02. Process

Space - Connection
- All blocks are connected by green corridors;

- We split the heavy traffic causing noise, dust, and light traffic for light vehicles of the person and student;

Renewable energy
- Solar panels are provided for blocks, and in addition, we added a solar field to com-
plete the electricity supply;

Water Reuse
- Rainwater is collected and then reclaimed for project purposes;

Agriculture expansion
- The project offers the possibility of outside agriculture for experimentation;

Project info

Site : 

Status: Project competition

Location:  Ghana

Year:  2022

Cost: 250 Million (fcfa)

Team :