Community School

Community School

01. Introduction

This project aimed to propose a community school by using a data-driven design solution. This project looked into the high-quality environmental standard (HQE). The school is made of : 

6 classrooms for kids;

1 Administrative block;

1 Amphitheater;

Wind tunel
Wind tunel
Wind tunel
Wind tunel
Radiation analysis
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02. Process

We are devoloping a robust workflow taking advantage of our tools to make analyses; 

1. Radiations analysis on façade and roof;

2. Wind tunel : Optimisation of cross ventilated process and site ventilation;

3. Thermal analysis by using thermal inertia for better comfort and heat savings


Project info

Site : 

Status: Design phase

Location:  Chad

Client: Private

Year:  2021

Cost : —

Team :