We design & build life.

The essence of architecture related field design will always be about people and how they live. It is these realities that create an attractive, civilised and functional design.

About Us
About Us

Our Purpose

Fadateams purpose is simple: dream together and build together. When we built our company, we wanted to become a combined agency where everybody is comfortable in their dreams and aspirations, but more importantly, to builds something that helps other generations. Today, Fadateam is an architectural firm with several specialists, all motivated to build the future.


Our Thinking Process

 Fadateam is always looking for ways to be innovative, especially in the field of Generative Design. Our approach is to use generative design to replicate the worlds evolutionary approach and combine it with cloud computing to provide thousands of solutions to one engineering problem.




The name Fada originates from the empire Kanem-Bornou, one of the great empires of Africa which controlled the North-South track of central Sahara. The name Fada means “Hive”. We identify with this because the customer is King and we, as the workers, have the task to realise the dreams of the King, at the same time following the rules of art and offering effective solutions.


We are motivated to contribute to the society of the future, which promotes better environmental quality and sustainable development in a system of collaboration and total cohesion between team members.

Our Partnerships & Clients

  • We enjoy to work with thousands of partners. Those who work with us globally include:

Sideshore Architecture & Urbanism

Unicef - Chad


Archinova - Togo